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I loved those earrings, the packaging is very cute, so if you’re getting those as a gift its a great choice. Even more so I loved the customer support here. They met my needs and I want to say thank you for both the jewellery and their help!

Relief for Arthritic Hands

These rings are wonderful for anyone with arthritis. I bought one gold and one silver. My old rings were entrapped, and I was unable to remove them with swollen joints. The Satinski adjustable rings are light weight and can be easily loosened or removed. I love the design. Everything came beautifully packaged. Thank you for these wonderful rings.

Had a very good experience with this purchase

Bought this ring to propose my girlfriend. She really really liked it. Resizable ring is a very cool idea and it’s very convenient.

P.S Getting married this year in December


This is such a beautiful set! Absolutely stunning! It is delicately made and has a high quality. I just love the radiant color of the crystals. I would definitely buy it again!


Sweet and classy!!!


I am in love with this company!!! Every piece of jewelry I have purchased has been beyond expectations.

Love the ring

This ring is just perfect for me. Just the right size and there’s enough material in the ring to fit my arthritic swollen finger without having a painful gap. It is a very pretty feminine ring. Thank you

I absolutely love this ring! I have an enlarged knuckle due to arthritis so I had to stop wearing my wedding ring. The color and clarity of the stone is is impeccable, and the whole ring glistens! It is so comfortable, I don’t even notice I’m wearing a ring so I never need to take it off. I do wish it had a matching band though. Overall, I couldn’t behappier with my choice.

Love my ring!

This ring is sturdy and polished and looks very nice on my finger. It fits nicely on my arthritic finger. I love it!

Hi Pat,

thank you for your kind feedback, we really appreciate it!
Also, we are happy the rings fits you well.

Feel free to always reach out :-)
Mr Satinski

Nice wrap-around ring

I love that it stays still on my finger and it's very comfortable to wear. It doesn't get caught anywhere because the leaves are very smooth.

Amazing quality!

Stunning design and amazing quality. Very easy to adjust, too!

Pat Grubb
Love this ring!

Just received my ring today and I’m very pleased. The packaging was so personal and sweet and the ring is so pretty and dainty. Love it!

Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your kind words we really appreciate it!
Feel free to always reach out :-)
Mr Satinski


Very comfortable and feels like I am not wearing anything (which is great b/c i tend to get very irritated fingers when wearing rings so i have to be very picky!)

Cute and easily adjustable

I love that it is easily adjustable due to a resizing stick included in the packaging so that you can wear it on different fingers - sometimes a thumb ring, sometimes on my pointer finger, etc.

Dainty ring for a good price

I am very happy with my purchase, the adjustable silver leaf ring is so pretty. It’s not a heavy ring at all and is shinny. I haven’t had any problems with picking or turning green etc. The end of the leaf is slightly turned down where it won’t pick anything. There are many rings like that for a lower price but this is nothing compared to what I have seen before - the quality here is really outstanding and you can really see that at first sight.

Dainty and lovely!

Lovely ring! Stunning design and it even came with a jewelry gift + resizing stick and a personal note with my name handwritten. I'm so excited about it!

Hi Naomi, thank you!
Feel free to always reach out :-)
Mr Satinski

Bought this as a gift for my wife because she loves innovative jewelry. It came in size about 8 but she gently adjusted it to fit her 4th ring finger, a size 6. She forced me to make a photo and post it here! :-D

Hi Ron,
Happy that worked out for your wife! :-)
Thank you for obeying her order to give a review ;-)

Mr Satinski

Easy to adjust

Just received it a few days ago and love it so far! My favorite thing is that you can wear it on different fingers because it's so easily adjustable. I've gotten so many compliments on it already and haven't even had it a week!

Hi Natasha,
Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

Mr Satinski

Beautiful ring

Beautiful ring and looks great on. I am about a size 7-8 on my middle finger and it fit perfect without having to adjust it. Wore for basically 7 days straight (including to the beach). The Adjusting stick is perfect as a ring holder, too! I would definitely buy the ring again.

Hi Katharine,
we are happy the ring fits you well :-)

Have a great day!
Mr Satinski

Got engaged!

What a moment when my boyfriend proposed to me with this and I thought he picked the wrong size... Well, he didn't and it's one of the coolest rings I've ever seen!

This really made our day! Thank you for sharing this, Joan! Would you mind us sharing this feedback to our social media accounts?

Mr Satinski


That was unexpected! I came on this website by accident but I thought I will give it a try and I'm ordering other designs already now.

We really appreciate that, Kate!

Mr Satinski

Just wow!

I didn't expect this ring to be that sophisticated! I was thinking "let's try another adjustable ring" but this one stands out definitely.

Thank you, Elsa!

Mr Satinski

Love it!

A first adjustable ring that actually works, thank you!

Thank you for such a compliment, Hannah!

Mr Satinski

Nice surprise from my boyfriend!

I got this as a gift from my boyfriend and I was surprised how easily you can adjust the size using the stick that came in the packaging. I'll definitely wear it!

I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you, Mia!

Mr Satinski

Great idea!

What a fantastic ring! It fits exactly the shape of finger and it's so easy to adjust.

Thank you, Theresa!

Feel free to always reach out if you need anything.

Mr Satinski