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Quick one, stackable rings or stacking rings are just like a pile of pancakes, the rings are placed on each other. They stack one on another and you wear them all on the same finger. They can also be described as layered rings or as a ring set and they're part of the layering jewelry trend. There are many terms that are used nowadays: stackable rings, stacking rings, stack rings, knuckle rings, midi rings, ring set, and layered rings - they all refer to stackable rings. 

Now any rings could really be considered ‘stack-able’, (stacking). The point is, there are no set rules when it comes to stacking rings. All that matters is the way they match on each finger and then all the fingers together on each hand. It’s all in what you like (and how many you feel comfortable wearing.) Many rings nowadays are being sold as a ring set. Unfortunately, those are usually low-quality ones. 

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