• Adjustable resizable rings can be resized to fit your finger's unique shape.
  • One ring fits all sizes 5-9 US.
    Don't worry about size anymore. Perfect fit. Resizable rings adjust to your finger's unique shape and prevent sliding and rotating. One size fits all. 
  • Grows with You
    Most women can’t wear their old rings because they’re too small. Satinski Allring adjustable rings can be easily enlarged anytime and thus will never be too small to wear.
  • Wear Adjustable Rings on All Your Fingers
    You can also share your resizable rings with close ones, no worries about the size. Adjustable rings for women will fit all of your fingers.
  • Great Solution for Large Knuckles
    Expandable rings for women solve the issues of large knuckles, swollen fingers, and arthritis.
  • Stackable Rings
    If you want to wear the ring halfway on your finger, also known as a knuckle ring or midi ring, you can adjust the size of the ring to fit the front part of your finger perfectly to prevent it from sliding down your finger. Expanding rings are the best stacking rings for women - rings for stacking.
  • Best Rings for Arthritic Fingers 
    Resizable rings for women are the best choice for arthritic fingers. 
  • Best Adjustable Rings for Women on the Market
    Other adjustable rings on the market are very primitive, their adjustable band pinches into your finger, your hair gets stuck in it, they look ugly and almost all of them are cheap low-quality Chinese counterfeits that break or bend irreversibly after a few months. Compared to those, Satinski Allring is high quality, practical for everyday use, feels great on your finger, comes with an adjustable stick to keep the perfectly round shape, and looks just like a standard ring thanks to a hidden adjustable band that keeps timeless beauty.  Allring is a great expanding ring for arthritic fingers, too. 
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Resizable rings - FAQ

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How much can you adjust an adjustable ring?

At Satinski our rings cover the most common finger sizes 5 - 9 US / 48 - 59 EU.  While not every brand gives you that guarantee it's recommended to always check it carefully before making a purchase as this is the most important factor. Especially, when buying some cheaper adjustable rings, the best practice is to decide what size you want it and then resize it only once as it significantly prolongs the lifespan of your ring. When shopping with us, using the satinski adjustable stick, you can carefully adjust the ring often enough to use it on separate fingers.

What materials are adjustable rings made from?

Resizable rings can be made out of common materials such as 18/14K gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, brass, or copper. While 14K gold might be difficult to shape, the most suitable material is sterling silver as it's considered a precious metal and its versatility makes it great for adjusting.

Does resizing the ring damage it?

If it is a traditional ring, then there is often a possibility of the ring getting ruined if resizing is not efficiently done or if there isn't enough space around the ring for it to be made larger or smaller. The riskiest is solitaire rings as there's a danger of losing the main stone. 

When it comes to adjustable rings, it all comes to quality. Some cheap models could break after a few adjustments while some sturdy and higher-priced designs would always stick with you. It's important to use your common sense, especially, when it comes to dainty jewelry. If there are some small stones in the pave or in a wrap-around design, you have to be extra careful as bending the ring way too much could release some of the stones. However, well-manufactured resizable rings such as Allring will last many years. That's why high-quality adjustable rings for women are becoming a huge trend in the USA nowadays.

Are adjustable rings comfortable? 

It all comes down to the design of the ring. It's true that for some cheap and poorly done (let's call them Amazon-like) adjustable rings, one shouldn't expect the same comfort as from high-end rings such as Allring. Usually, resizable rings with a slide-in band are very comfy to wear as they're quite the same as traditional rings except they would fit your finger's unique shape. The problem might occur by open resizable rings. Sometimes, when the endings of the band are poorly done, such as sharp or pointing toward the finger, this might cause trouble. Therefore it's always important to check the endings are round. 

Do adjustable rings break?

No, unless you really want. Even high-quality adjustable rings can be broken if you don't follow a common sense:

1. Do not widen it just to remove it/put it off. Instead, you should just slowly twist the ring upward to get it off your finger and slowly twist the ring down your finger in a gentle motion. This way you can prolong the life of your adjustable ring even if it's a cheaper one. Generally, the idea here is to be as careful and gentle as possible, when it comes to taking the ring on and off. Especially, when it comes to fragile designs e.g. leaf rings, or other open rings. 

2. Minimize the number of adjustments. Constantly expanding and contracting it might make the ring weak and may eventually break.

3. Minimize the adjusting size range. The best practice here is to have a different ring for each finger so that they remain more or less the same size.

What are the pros of resizable rings? Well, they're:
  • Comfortable (fit your finger's unique shape)
  • Best gift (you don't have to worry about the size)
  • Great for sharing (you can switch them with your besties)