• Adjustable resizable rings can be resized to fit your finger's unique shape.
  • One ring fits all sizes 5-9 US.
    Don't worry about size anymore. Perfect fit. It adjusts to your finger's unique shape and prevents sliding and rotating.
  • Grows with You
    Most women can’t wear their old rings because they’re too small. Satinski Allring adjustable rings can be easily enlarged anytime and thus will never be too small to wear.
  • Wear on All Your Fingers
    You can also share the ring with close ones, no worries about the size.
  • Great Solution for Large Knuckles
    Solves the issue with large knuckles, swollen fingers, and arthritis.
  • Stackable Rings
    If you want to wear the ring halfway on your finger, also known as a knuckle ring or midi ring, you can adjust the size of the ring to fit the front part of your finger perfectly to prevent it from sliding down your finger.
  • Best Adjustable Rings on the Market
    Other adjustable rings on the market are very primitive, their adjustable band pinches into your finger, your hair gets stuck in it, they look ugly and almost all of them are cheap low-quality Chinese counterfeits that break or bend irreversibly after a few months. Compared to those, Satinski Allring is high quality, practical for everyday use, feels great on your finger, comes with an adjustable stick to keep the perfectly round shape, and looks just like a standard ring thanks to a hidden adjustable band that keeps timeless beauty.
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