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14k 18k Gold Pendant | Necklaces | Bracelets - FAQ

What is the difference between a 14k gold necklace and an 18k gold necklace?

14k gold necklaces offer greater durability due to a higher alloy content, making them ideal for everyday wear, whereas 18k gold necklaces contain a higher gold purity, offering a richer color and a more luxurious feel.

Can I customize a gold pendant at Satinski?

Absolutely! Satinski offers customizable options for gold pendants. You can choose specific designs, engravings, and even gemstones to create a truly personalized piece. Reach out to for discussing any customisation.

How should I care for my gold necklace to prevent tarnish?

To keep your gold necklace looking its best, avoid contact with chemicals, store it separately in a lined jewelry box, and clean it regularly using a soft cloth and appropriate jewelry cleaner.

Are Satinski gold bracelets adjustable for any wrist size?

Many of our gold bracelets come with adjustable features such as links or sliding clasps to fit various wrist sizes comfortably and securely. Check the product description for the size range.