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Adjustable Rings: The Ultimate Guide You Need

Ever had trouble with rings that don't fit? You're not alone! A whopping 75% of rings bought online or received as gifts end up being the wrong size. The sizing can vary between manufacturers or might just be plain wrong, leading to rings that are either too tight to wear or too loose, constantly slipping or even falling off.

What’s the Fix? Adjustable and Resizable Rings!

As more shoppers turn online, the demand for adjustable rings (also known as resizable rings) has skyrocketed. These rings are perfect for online shopping and gifting since you don't have to sweat about getting the size spot-on.

Starting with the Basics

In this blog, we'll dive into everything you need to know about adjustable rings, from shopping tips to avoiding low-quality buys, the pros and cons, and much more!

Rings have been a symbol of beauty and commitment for ages. But while styles have evolved, the adaptability of rings hasn’t... until now. Adjustable rings, or as some call them, resizable rings for women or stretch rings, have become increasingly popular. They're especially useful for people with arthritis or anyone who experiences fluctuations in finger size.

What exactly is an Adjustable Ring

An adjustable ring is a ring that is intentionally made with a little gap, flexible band or even split band that gives room for expanding about even a few ring sizes. Ideally, it should be a one-fit-all ring designed to fit anyone within the specified finger sizes - mostly somewhere in between of 5 to 9 US (48 - 59EU) and it can do this because of an opening or allowance put into the ring, depending on the type of adjustable ring. These types of the ring came into the market to meet the needs of providing comfort and a ring that can size people with large or swollen knuckles that end up being bigger has the finger. They become number one rings for people with arthritis, or people with arthritic fingers.

Over the years, the design for adjustable rings have become more sophisticated such that you can find several means of wearing them even while they retain their initial allure of comfort and ease. They can be worn on several fingers by different people without any need for resizing and as adjustable rings can be worn by a wider range of people because they are easy to adjust, it has therefore become more accessible and sought after to meet both style and traditional needs.

However, you have to be careful while picking the right ones as the vast majority of these rings are just very cheap, low quality, and break while you try to adjust the size. The crystals soon fall off, and the metal part tarnishes and irritates your skin. Very often, these rings are just counterfeits of famous genuine brands like Satinski.
These rings are usually made of brass or stainless steel. However, these materials aren’t suitable for frequent bending. I recommend buying a Sterling silver or Gold adjustable ring that you would resize with a resizing stick only, to prevent breaking it. Don't know what's a resizing stick? Keep reading!

The only truly high-quality honest maker of adjustable rings is Satinski. This small family business based in Europe makes all kinds of adjustable rings to choose from and even developed its own patented design Allring. Keep reading to find out how to avoid these and where to find high quality adjustable rings!

Types of adjustable rings

 Basically there are two types of adjustable rings;

1. Open Rings

Open rings are formed with a small gap to allow you to adjust the size. Such rings differ from classical designs in their shape. Most of the time, they don’t resemble the usual letter O, but rather the letter C. The gap is invisible while wearing the ring and located in the back of the accessory, but sometimes also in the front, on the decorative part. Due to its shape, these resizable rings are also known as "wrap", "wrap around", or "hugging" resizable rings. Leaf rings definitely belong to the most favorite ones with the gap in the front as they're opening by pushing the branches in/outwards. 
Satinski resizable Leaf ring adjustable ring for women sterling silver 925 stackable
Here you can check the open adjustable ring type with the gap in the back. Just be careful while choosing such a ring. Some manufacturers don't care about the fact that the gap might actually squeeze the skin of your finger if the endings of the band are not completely round. Also, these can be described as "wrap around" or "wrapping" resizable rings for women. 


2. Rings with an adjustable band

This type of adjustable ring is very close to the traditional style. There is an adjustable band at the bottom of the ring. Due to their ergonomic design with a special cut, they can be worn easily. You can customize their size by slightly squeezing or unbending them. There are several types of adjustable bands but two of them are the most common: 

A slide-in resizable band as you will see later on in this article. 



A two-cleft or split adjustable band. 


3. ALLRING - Patented Design by Satinski 

Arring resizable ring for women by Satinski

One of its kind, Allring is definitely the most versatile and reliable adjustable ring out there. After years of development, a first high quality resizable ring was born. A resizable band adjusts to your finger's unique shape and prevents sliding and spinning. 

Allring Leaf Ring by Satinski

The adjustable band is hidden to keep the timeless beauty of the Satinski Allring. People can't tell Allring and standard ring apart. Would you recognise which ring is resizable and which is a standard one? Best resizable rings in the market
Well, the answer is none. They are both adjustable! 
Most of the adjustable rings on the market might turn out as cheap Chinese counterfeits that won't last long. At Satinski, we are introducing a reliable, high quality resizable ring made to last forever. Check what people thing about it!

An Adjustable Stick

At Satinski, we are the only fashion spot that provides an adjustable stick you can use to adjust your ring by simply rotating the ring about the stick. You can make it bigger or smaller that way while it maintains its round shape and fit.

Satinski adjustable stick

How do I resize the Satinski Allring?  

Why do you need an Adjustable Stick?

1. Durable - You can use it for as long you want with as many rings as you want over time. 
2. Helps your rings last longer. When they are expanded or tightened correctly using an adjustable stick, they don't break or become weak. So, the adjustable rings last longer. 
3. Swift - you don't have to waste your time trying to gently tighten and expand your ring with your fingers. With an adjustable stick, your ring accessories will be ready to go in just minutes!


Can a silver ring be adjustable?

Simply put, the answer is Yes.

Now the silver itself is a budget-friendly highly malleable metal and this is why most budget friendly models of adjustable rings are made with silver materials. Silver is also considered as a durable, yet flexible metal, therefore it's one of the most suitable material for resizable rings


How do I resize an adjustable ring?  

Adjustable rings can be resized quite easily too but it has to be done carefully because there are adjustable rings does not mean it can be stretched anyway. If you do that, you could damage it permanently. 
If it is loose around your finger and you want to close it in so it fits, follow these three steps...

1. Use your index finger and thumb to slowly and gently squeeze the band inwards. 
2. Use your thumbs to lightly apply pressure at the top of the ring to maintain the ring's round shape. 
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the ring fits around your finger comfortably.

Also, if you also want to open it up to make it larger or fit through your knuckles, follow these three simple steps.

1. Use your index finger and thumb to slowly and gently squeeze the band outwards. 
2. Use your thumbs to lightly apply pressure at the top of the ring to maintain the ring's round shape. 
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the ring fits around your finger comfortably.  

NOTE: Remember that adjustable rings can only be expanded or contracted by a few inches.  

Do adjustable rings break?

Simply put, yes. We've been talking about the quality of the cheap adjustable rings already, but even high-quality adjustable rings can be broken if you don't follow these tips:

1. Do not widen it just to remove it/put it off. Instead, you should just slowly twist the ring upward to get it off your finger and slowly twist the ring down your finger in a gentle motion. This way you can prolong the life of your adjustable ring even if it's a cheaper one. Generally, the idea here is to be as careful and gentle as possible, when it comes to taking the ring on and off. Especially, when it comes to fragile designs e.g. leaf rings, or other open rings. 

2. Minimize the number of adjustments. Constantly expanding and contracting it makes the ring weak and may eventually break.


3. Minimize the adjusting size range. The best practice here is to have a different ring for each finger so that they remain more or less the same size.

How can I make my adjustable ring more comfortable?

The good thing about adjustable rings is that they grow with you and so can be altered to make you more comfortable. If maybe your fingers get swollen, you don't have to subject yourself to wearing a tight ring that will leave marks and give you pain. So to make it more comfortable, all you have to do is expand it out a little bit, place the ring over your knuckle and gently squeeze it in, and now you have a great fit! If you are already wearing it, then there is no need to take it off. Just place your thumbs over the open space and apply a little pressure so it gives room. You can repeat the process even in the summer if your fingers shrink and swell. Also, in another way, if your finger get thinner or you just lose weight you can always adjust the ring by applying a little pressure once the ring is on. 


How can I make my ring tighter at home?

There are two ways to do this, manually with your finger or with an adjustable stick - check the video shared above.

1. With your finger, you just have to note where the opening is or where, depending on the design, where the sides are. If you have slender fingers or your fingers shrunk, just place your thumb and index finger to gently push the opening close until it is tight enough. 
2. With an adjustable stick, you have to first wear the ring around the stick and rotate it around the smaller end of the stick (based on finger measurement). When you are sure it is tight enough, gently pull it off the adjustable stick and wear it on your finger to be sure it fits. 


What rings cannot be resized?

While it is smart to use a person’s ring size to make a ring purchase, they may need to resize a ring down or up. And while this is a service a number of jewelers offer, sometimes it is not up to them as some traditional rings cannot be resized. Sometimes it's due to its design or type of the band. Most common problem here is when the ring is holding a stone, e.g. a Solitaire ring. Making this rings band smaller or bigger would release the prongs holding the stone which would eventually end up falling. Some other examples of rings that cannot be resized are eternity bands, tension rings, stainless steel, tungsten, or titanium rings, channel set ring, as well as rings made of made of unconventional materials, such as resin, ceramic, jade, or wood, quartz or other non-metal material.


Does resizing a ring damage it?

If it is a traditional ring, then there is also a possibility of the ring getting ruined if resizing is not efficiently done or if there isn't enough space around the ring for it to be made larger or smaller. We discussed the most common problem with resizing a traditional ring above.

When it comes to adjustalbe rings, it all depends on the quality of the design. Some cheap models could break after a few adjustments while some sturdy and higher-priced designs would always stick with you. It's important to use your common sense, especially, when it comes to dainty jewelry. If there are some small stones in the pave or in a wrap-around design, you have to be extra careful as bending the ring way too much could release some of the stones. However, well-manufactured resizable rings such as Allring will last many years. That's why high quality adjustable rings for women are becoming a huge trend in the USA nowadays. 


What materials are adjustable rings made from?

Adjustable materials can be made out of most materials like gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, brass, or copper also used for traditional rings except for the metals that are versatile enough to allow movement. They are customised or designed with special features and additions like gemstones. Adjustable rings can be personalised too to suit your taste without worrying about the size and while a variety of ring designs benefit from an adjustable band, you should remember that each material has its wear limit.

Does ¼ ring size make a difference?

Yes, it makes a difference. If it is ¼ or .25 size up, it could be giving the extra room for comfort that you need in a situation of weight gain or bloating or arthritis. Most people just play safe when making the order and ask for ¼ size up. Although you have to be careful, it does not slide when working with oil or water. 
However, while some people may live with a wiggle room with a size¼ of up, a ¼ down may be too tight as it may struggle to pass the knuckle but again, a ¼ size down may just be what you need to have that perfect fit.


How much can you adjust an adjustable ring?

Generally, adjustable rings should cover the most common finger sizes 5 - 9 US. However, it's recommended to always check it carefully before making a purchase as this is the most important factor. Especially, when buying some cheaper adjustable rings, the best practice is to decide what size you want it and then resize it only once as it significatly prolong the lifespan of your ring. Using an adjustable stick, you can carefully adjust the ring often enough to use on separate fingers. Whether you want a ring as a gift for a special someone or as a marriage proposal, or as a symbol for something important or maybe you just love it as an accessory to complement your outfit, then an adjustable ring is your best bet. You can shop a wide range of adjustable rings with adjustable sticks here.


Pros of Adjustable Rings

We have selected some good reasons why you should definitely pay attention to free-size rings:


1. Comfort

A ring is not just an accessory – for some it's a symbol of eternity and promise, for others it’s a passion of personal style. No matter what are the purpose of selecting the ring, you cannot compromise on the comfort. You can buy adjustable rings without worrying about errors in measurements. For this reason, the adjustable rings are favorite in online shopping. Other rings require precise sizing, which is not always available.


2. Best Gift 

Do you want to choose a ring as a gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or any beloved woman and don't know the exact size? Due to ignorance of the hands' exact size or structural features, it is easy to make a mistake with the choice with the adjustable rings, you can forget about such important nuances. Buying a ring as a gift is not always easy if you want to surprise. A Resizable will suit almost any girl or woman, regardless of age, style, and profession.



3. Several people can use it

Many buyers will also like another advantage of the ring - the ability to be used by several people in turn. You can give it to vilify a close friend, sister, or mom. This will not be difficult because the jewelry is perfectly adjusted to the required size and will not be lost.


4. Easy to adjust

They are much easier to pick up and carry. You can wear this ring on any of your fingers whenever you like and you can also change the place of the accessory, moving it from one phalanx to another.


5. Fashion trend

Jewelry trends change with enviable frequency - every season, designers offer us a new, unusual interpretation of familiar accessories. The first adjustable rings, like most jewelry, appeared many years ago. Still, right now, they have become a real hit, winning special love among fashionistas all over the world. Today, Adjustable Rings are widely represented in many stores and jewelry catalogs of rings. You can also find them on fashion shows and in glossy magazines.

6. Can be combined with any outfit

Adjustable Rings add charm and femininity to any outfit. They don’t look like ordinary rings at all, but something cosmic! You can wear them with classic jewelry, bright earrings, bracelets, and pendants.



Cons of Adjustable Rings

No product in the world is perfect. Adjustable rings also have some disadvantages that you must know before purchasing:

  • The ring will bend out of shape if you apply too much pressure to it
  • Don’t forget that each material has its own wear limit, so you should not change the size of the ring very often - this can lead to its breakage.
  • They lost more as compared to a classic ring.

How to choose and buy profitably adjustable rings?

When ordering such jewelry, it is important to pay attention various features. 

  • Material: The price of an adjustable ring depends on the metal from which it is made and the presence of precious stones. If you are looking for a budget model, opt for silver samples. In other cases, you should pick up a piece of gold.
  • The presence and type of inserts: If the jeweler has used any inserts in the selected product, be sure to ask what they are made of: natural or artificial stones, precious or semi-precious. This will affect the cost of the jewelry

If you wish, you can buy 3-4 models at once that can be worn as a set.


Trending Adjustable Rings Ideas

Modern adjustable rings have different bases, designs, and shapes. We recommend you pay attention to the following trending types in 2021:

1. Geometric Shapes Adjustable Rings

One of the most famous and trending types of adjustable rings is delicate rings with geometric decorative elements such as rhombus, flat circle, squares, and oval. They are suitable for lovers of the casual style of clothing.

Wrap around rings for women guide

2. Eternity Adjustable Rings

These rings are decorated with an "endless" path of stones. Such ring is presented on engagements, wedding anniversaries, and on the occasion of the birth of a child.

Eternity adjustable rings for women

 3. Romantic patterns

Romantic patterns are available in forms for heart, graceful tree branches, or flowers. These rings are suitable for wedding proposals, romantic dinners, or wedding anniversaries.



4. Animal inspired adjustable rings

This type is also striking. A ring with snake or Fluttering butterflies can be a lovely gift for a wife, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, or best friend of yours.

Satinski adjustable rings animal style

5. Adjustable rings with pearls

Decorate your fingers with the pearls! You will definitely love the discrete brightness of these rings.

Pearl adjustable rings for women sterling silver gold plated

Do you want us to design for you a custom Adjustable Ring? Let us know in comments or contact us on love@satinski.com. We will help you choose a model for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, determine a convenient payment option, and arrange delivery of the order.


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